Digital Nutritional Wine Labels, accessible via QR Codes, are becoming mandatory in EU on December 8th 2023. Let’s see what than means & how you can create and manage your e-Labels QR Codes

Our flexyQR platform, for wine professionals, makes the process of creating & managing QR Codes (and NFC tags) a risk-free, fun activity!

Flexible Programming

Your flexy QR Code is programmable. When someone scans it you can point them towards a webpage, a Digital Wine Label or use our ever expanding pre-defined template solutions to run a competition, initiate navigation to your winery and more…

You can change the behavior of each flexy QR Code at any point – even program automatic behaviors – e.g. based on the country where the QR Code is being scanned!

Simple & Fast + Real-Time Preview

All the information you need is already included and at your disposal. Simply select the right grape varieties, ingredients etc. to create your e-Label. At any point during the process of creating your e-Label you can preview the actual results in your mobile phone

flexyQR empowers you to immediately proceed with the creation of your new – QR Code enabled – wine labels without worrying about the EU Digital Wine Labels facts. You can always re-program the printed QRs to lead to your EU e-Labels when you have them ready!

The process of creating & managing your QR Codes is extremely simple when using the flexyQR platform

Learn more about the EU regulations & implementation guidelines for the adoption of QR Codes & Digital Wine Labels in our recent “EU Digital Wine Labels – 40 Implementation Guidelines – 4 Options” article.

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