Digital Nutritional Wine Labels, accessible via QR Codes, are poised to become part of the global wine experience – here are the top 5 questions winemakers have regarding the deployment of QR codes in their bottles…

European Union has mandated the full disclosure of nutritional information, in all wines produced and/or sold across the EU, starting in December 8th 2023. The EU Regulation 2021/2117 is pioneering the usage of QR codes as the means to access that information in Digital Format.

This EU regulation affects all EU based winemakers, as well as any winemakers selling their products within the European Union. It is also a preview of things to come on a global scale – e.g. discussions are already underway in the USA to follow a similar approach…

OENsights has created flexyQR – a complete solution for the creation & management of QR Codes, empowering wineries to:

  • Fully comply with the latest wine labels regulations
  • Utilize flexible / dynamic QR Codes & NFCs with fully programmable logic
  • Analyze & compare the performance of QR codes
  • Leverage our ready made templates, to instantly comply with the latest Digital Wine Labels regulations, launch creative WineTourism, Marketing & Communication campaigns and create interactive experiences for Winery visitors & consumers!

Since late 2022, we’ve been constantly engaging with wine makers across the globe, to make sure that they’re ready for the upcoming EU deadline and empower their QR Code enabled projects.

Based on these interactions, we’ve identified the top 5 questions, winemakers ask, with regards to the EU Digital Wine Labels adoption.