Digital wine e-Labels

Fully comply with existing EU and upcoming regulations

Create digital wine e-labels for your wines to fully comply with the latest EU regulations (EU directive 2021/2117 – Digital wine nutritional labels) which will be in force from December 8th 2023.

Create & print the flexyQR codes on your products today and switch to digital wine labels compliance when & where necessary.

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  • Select your design and brand colors
  • Maximize scanning success even in small printouts by using short urls
  • Test and verify everything before your final prints in “setup mode”
  • Full support for QR codes and NFC tags


  • Instantly deployment of EU digital wine labels
  • Use pre-made templates for winery navigation, product showcase, online competitions, contact forms etc.
  • No need for any development or changes on your website


  • Dynamic landing page, can be changed anytime
  • Flexible behavior, can be re-programmed manually or via automated rules  based on user’s location, date and/or time etc.
  • Manage everything by yourself through a user friendly environment, or let as do all the job for you!


  • Real time reporting of QR codes scans
  • Geo location and date/time analysis
  • Full reporting in order to compare performance between different tags and fine-tune your strategies

1 QR... Infinite possibilities

FlexyQRs are dynamic and offers infinite possibilities of usage!

In addition to wine e-labels you can use flexyQRs to easily…

  • embed your winery image in high visibility locations & provide an interactive experience to attract visitors to your winery or/and buyers of your products
  • provide information about your winery and/or your products, navigate to your winery and create interactive experiences for your customers through pre-made templates
  • analyze QR codes scanning behavior patterns and streamline your promotion tactics
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Frequently asked questions

Are nutritional and ingredients information a prerequisite to create QR codes for my wines digital labels?

You can immediately start creating your flexyQR codes, embed them in your products’ labels and print them out. For the time being, these QR Codes will direct to a landing page of your choice (e.g. Website, Social Media, etc.).

Once you have the complete nutritional & ingredients information ready, you simply reprogram, the existing flexyQR codes to produce the EU digital wine labels.

What is the recommended size for a QR code on a wine bottle?

FlexyQRs are utilizing short URLs for optimal scanning performance in small dimensions. We suggest a minimum dimension of 1cm x 1cm to incorporate the QR codes in your labels.

FlexyQRs are available in several different designs, so you can choose the one that fits the existing look & feel of your labels.

Do I need to make any changes to my website?

There’s absolutely no change required in your web site, as flexyQR EU digital wine labels for your winery are hosted in qrlabel.wine domain.

In any case, you cannot host the digital wine labels in your site if you have any type of user tracking (e.g. cookies for Google
Analytics) as per the EU directive 2021/2117. FlexyQR EU digital wine labels are not using any user tracking mechanism and fully comply with the EU 2021/2117 directive.

What information can I receive from the actual usage of my QR codes?

The flexyQR management platform, provides you with statistics & KPIs based on the daily usage of your winery’s digital wine labels.

You receive detailed reporting for the number of scans per day/time and location (country), for each flexyQR you have created. This information is based on the flexyQR server(s) operational data and doesn’t rely on any type of PII user information.